The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Elopement in Italy

13 May 2024 -

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Deciding to elope in Italy can be both romantic and adventurous. Italy has so many different possibilities when it comes to planning your elopement ranging from mountain views to exploring vineyards and historical streets together. Italy is a great place to elope for couples looking for an epic wedding destination.

We break down what you need to know to plan an intimate Italian elopement without becoming overwhelmed by tourists. Our how to elope in Italy guide goes over places to elope in Italy, how to get a marriage license if you’re from the States, wedding vendors for your elopement and more.

How to Elope in Italy

So many couples love Italy because this destination can easily serve as not only their elopement destination but also their honeymoon destination! Planning your elopement somewhere you can easily transition into vacation mode after your ceremony is always a good idea. 

The amazing thing about eloping, whether you elope to the fabled shores of Italy or the expansive landscapes of Australia, is that there are no rules. All that matters is that you travel there with your love, with the intention to commit to one another through thick and thin. The precise location, the time of year, and whether or not you invite some friends or make it legal at that moment are all up to you.

How to Get Married in Italy

When people ask me How to Get Married in Italy, my answer is to simply plan your perfect day. Just forget about the wedding part for a second and think about what your dream day in Italy with your love would entail. Add in some time to share your vows, to celebrate committing to each other, and that’s it. Emotionally, it’s the commitment and the promise that matter. Of course, this is a very simplified version – and it doesn’t involve getting legally married in Italy. It is what a lot of my couples choose to do, though.

Some have flowers and a celebrant and 10 of their favourite people there to witness. Others make up their vows in the moment, I declare them married, and we have an epic day celebrating together. Almost all of them have already gotten married at the registry office or town hall in their hometown, or have plans to do it when they get back.

How to get legally married in Italy

First thing first, if you want to Get Legally Married in Italy, don’t try to do it alone. The rules and forms you need will differ based on your citizenship as well as the Comune, or council area, where you get married. I suggest you start by enlisting the help of a local, English-speaking celebrant who can help you with the process. As an added bonus, they will probably know a few of the people who’ll be responsible for saying yes or no to your requests! Not sure how to find someone? I’m happy to share my favourite celebrants with you!

The celebrant will help explain the process to you, and help you file to get all the documentation as much as they can. You’ll need a ‘nulla osta’ from your home country’s embassy in Italy, which is an official document from them allowing you to marry in Italy. You’ll also need an ‘atto notorio’, which is a declaration that there are no obstacles to you marrying, from the Italian embassy or consulate in your hometown. You’ll need to get this before you leave for Italy, but to do so, you’ll need to make sure you have all the correct documents required by the town hall in the Italian city where you plan to marry. Uff.

Once all the paperwork is sorted, you’re more or less good to go! You might just need an official interpreter if one of you doesn’t speak Italian, and you’ll need to make sure you get married at a council-approved location.


The fun part – it’s time to choose your Italy Elopement Location! But oh gosh, where even to begin? Italy has a little bit of everything, from spectacular rocky coastlines to luxurious lakeside villas, breathtaking rolling fields punctuated by tall cypress trees to uneclipsed wild mountains, ancient art-filled cities to sweet little medieval farming villages… the list goes on (and on and on).

Living in Milan for 5 years meant Lake Como was practically at my doorstep – it was a favourite for day trips to escape the city and enjoy a little nature. It wasn’t until I spent a whole month there photographing weddings in 2022 though, that I really got to appreciate Lake Como for all that it is. This destination, famous for luxury villas and celebrity glamour, actually has a whole lot more going for it (not to mention glorious evening light!).

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