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Gianmarco Amico, luxury wedding photographer, based in Italy, specializing in capturing the couple’s love and wedding moments with a luxury approach and artistic atmosphere.
My passion for art and fashion photography guides my photographic approach in every shot. With my camera, I capture the essence and emotional moments of the wedding, like a true Fine Art wedding photographer.

In recent years I have covered more than 150 weddings in Italy and around the world, capturing the love and emotions of many couples from all over the world, with different traditions, cultures and needs. These experiences have allowed me to become one of the most sought after luxury wedding photographers and to collect tips and expert advice that I will be happy to share with you to help you plan your wedding and make your special day perfect.


Your LOVE, Your MOMENTS as a LUXURY story

Luxury wedding photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s creating a work of art, paying close attention to the details that are usually overlooked.

If you want to find out more about my style and see the best shots of my luxury weddings, explore my portfolio to understand if my way of working is right for you.


Behind my passion and my experience

I’m Gianmarco, friend to your cherished moments, and a Luxury Wedding Photographer specializing in destination weddings. Welcome to a world where dreams intertwine with the artistry of photography, creating timeless memories that echo with elegance and sophistication. At [Photographer’s Name], we transcend boundaries to capture the essence of your love story against the backdrop of the world’s most enchanting destinations. With a passion for perfection and an eye for detail, we curate each frame to reflect the grandeur and intimacy of your special day.

luxury wedding photographer

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luxury wedding photographer


What makes a luxury photographer?

A luxury photographer stands out for his ability to capture those details that are often overlooked but that overall give a luxurious and elegant look to wedding photos, such as the pearls of the bride’s dress, the jewelry worn, the products used in the preparations of the bride and groom, bottles of champagne and all these imaginary that an expert photographer manages to capture and convey through photos.

How long before a wedding should you get a photographer?

It is recommended that you book a wedding photographer at least 9 months before your wedding date to ensure availability, especially if the wedding is in peak season or requires travel/transfers such as destination weddings.

Do you charge for travel?

There are no additional travel costs for weddings in Sicily, for all weddings outside of the region there may be costs depending on how far in advance you book the date and the distance you obviously have to travel to get to the location. Contact me now to see if your date is available.

How many photos should a photographer give for a wedding?

Typically, between 400 and 800 edited photos are provided, but the number can vary depending on the duration and the couple’s requests, the important thing will never be the number, but the quality of the shots and the photographer’s ability to capture the most significant and emotional moments of your wedding.

Can you ask wedding photographer for all photos?

You can ask, but they usually only deliver high-quality retouched and edited photos, unedited photos are never included in the packages as they do not represent the photographer’s professional standard.

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