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If you have decided to get married in Italy and you are looking for an Italian wedding photographer, I will be happy to accompany you and capture your love among the beauties of our country.
I am a wedding photographer specializing in luxury and editorial wedding photography for weddings, elopements, engagements, and destination weddings in Italy and around the world.
In recent years I have covered more than 150 weddings in Italy and I have had the honor of capturing the love and emotions of many couples from all over the world, with different traditions, cultures, and needs but with the same dream of getting married in Italy.
These experiences have allowed me to become one of the best wedding photographers in Italy and to gather many tips and wedding ideas that I will be happy to share with you to help you plan your wedding in Italy.

As a child, I remember seeing the photograph of a couple whirling across the dance floor of Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom in New York. Perfectly steady ankles, flawlessly glowing eyes, silk satin cascading, two bodies orbiting, balancing each other – without its centre of gravity, such lightness would not be possible.

italian wedding photographer

My story, the style of my photos

My career started from fashion photography and till today fashion is a great part of my creative journey. In 2011 I photographed my very first wedding in Santorini island, Greece. Back then I didn’t have even one bridal image in my portfolio, but nevertheless my first wedding couple trusted me to document their special day and I am forever grateful for that.

This first wedding was a kick-start to a new career path that I am still proudly on. Since then I have photographed more than 250 couples all over the world. From Greek islands to Amalfi Coast, Paris, London, Philippines, Zanzibar & Mexico, I have travelled to so many different corners of our planet, always with one goal in mind – document love in the most artful & thoughtful way.

“ It’s not just a wedding photography, It’s capturing moments”

italian wedding photographer

Destination wedding in Italy

If you have always dreamed of getting married in Italy but don’t know or have doubts about how to plan a destination wedding in Italy, I will be happy to help you. In recent years I have covered many Italy destination weddings, and I had the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of many couples and capture their special day in amazing wedding photos in Italy.

Also, as an Italy wedding photographer, if you haven’t chosen the place to get married yet, I can suggest some of the best places get married in Italy such as Venice, Lake Como, Tuscany, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Sicily, Taormina, and other places less known if you are looking for a more exclusive location for your wedding day. Italy is a perfect setting for a romantic and unforgettable wedding, for this reason, it is most important to rely on an Italian wedding photographer with a lot of experience, who can predict and capture important moments, and who can guide you in decisions on the wedding day in general.

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How do Italian weddings work?

Italian weddings typically feature traditional customs but often require a mix of both traditional and modern customs. 
In a traditional wedding, the day often begins with a religious ceremony in a Catholic church, followed by a reception.
The reception includes a multi-course meal, music, dancing, and festivities. Common traditions include “confetti” given as wedding favors, cutting the wedding cake, and toasting with Italian sparkling wine. The celebrations do not have a set timetable and can last late into the night or sometimes into the following days.

How much does a photographer cost in Italy?

The cost of a wedding photographer in Italy can vary greatly depending on factors such as experience, length of event, location, hours of coverage, number of photos retouched, and additional services such as albums, etc. Contact me and tell me about your wedding for a free quote.

What is the Italian culture of marriage?

Italian wedding culture is rich in traditions and customs. Weddings are often family-centered and have a strong religious meaning, usually celebrated in church. Traditional customs include the bride wearing a white dress, the exchange of rings between the bride and groom, and the use of rice or confetti as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Finally, celebrations are known for their festive atmosphere with lots of food, wine, and music.

Is 500 photos enough for a wedding?

Yes, 500 photos may be enough depending on the coverage and events of the day.
However, on such a special day it is almost useless to talk about quantity, but it is important to capture all the most emotional and meaningful moments without counting the shots and the number of photos.

Do wedding photos belong to the photographer?

Legally, wedding photos are usually the intellectual property of the photographer. The photographer owns the copyright and the couple usually receives a license to use and print the photos. Terms and conditions may vary between photographers but in some cases, the couple is offered the option to purchase full rights to the photos for an additional fee.

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